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Customer Fields can be activated on a theme by enabling our app embed inside Shopify’s theme editor.

app embed advanced settings

Enabling developer tools results in our JS Customer API being loaded on every page on the storefront outside of checkout. The script is quite small (~24 KB as of Dec 12, 2022) and is cached by our CDN, resulting in the quickest load times after the first initial load.


We enforce versioning in order to avoid pushing breaking changes to your site. See our changelog for a list of versions. Generally, we recommend always using the latest version when setting up an installation with developer tools, though it’s not necessary to update unless you’re facing a bug or missing a feature that we’ve implemented recently.

Also see our help center article for more details.

Next up: Data columns

Liquid installation

Do you have an older installation that you need to maintain? Check out our liquid installation docs.

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Customer Fields is a Shopify app made by Helium.

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